Basic structure of the flats

To make the very best use of the site and to ensure efficiency, the houses will be optimised in terms of orientation, sunlight and layout. The ground-floor flats will be raised ~80 cm above the ground, naturally preventing passers-by from being able to look in. Given that the courtyard area will also be raised by ~80 cm, the ground-floor flats will also have step-free access to it.

The flats will have an overall basic structure, with the option of installing or removing walls to create optimal conditions for individual residents. The interior space of the flats will be put to the best use by establishing a functional core with adjacent toilet/bathroom. The functional core will separate the social part of the home – an open kitchen with integral, south-facing dining room and living room – from the private part with north-facing bedrooms. There will be 2-, 3- or 4-room flats, ranging in size from 70 m2 to 95 m2. The south-facing corner flats will get daylight from three sides with the living room and living area facing the courtyard. The ground plans provide a visual impression of the housing types and the interior layout options.

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Shop and café on Herlev Hovedgade

Up to two shops can be established on the ground floor of the new housing development along Herlev Hovedgade. The ground floor will have high ceilings, making it ideal for shop and café purposes. Where there are flats, the ground floor will be raised ~80 cm above the ground.

The various typologies of the towers will give the façade a varied look with an alternating rhythm of windows, balconies and recesses. To give an airy architectural expression, the façades will be executed in light-coloured bricks. The façades shown have a variety of grey and light shades. The volumes of the buildings will come across as independent elements, but with a clear relationship in terms both of materials and of architectural theme. Both Engobe and hard-burned bricks with the inside facing out will be used. There will be semi-recessed balconies positioned at staggered levels. There will be composite wood/aluminium windows and doors, which require very little maintenance. The idea is for the buildings to have heavy, resilient surfaces, which will withstand daily wear and tear and the effects of the weather, and become more attractive over the years.

Building technology, façades and materials

The buildings in Bangs Have will be executed as ordinary, heavy buildings with transverse, concrete supporting elements. This solution will provide element division with longitudinal floor elements.

Basement and parking

In the basement under the courtyard there will be a two-level parking facility for residents of the property. Because of the slope of the site, there will be direct access from Gåseholmvej, where a bicycle parking facility will also be established. There will also be bicycle parking with room for 86 regular bicycles and three carrier cycles.

Under the south- and north-facing block there will be a storeroom for the caretaker. There will also be 100 x 3 m2 storerooms for residents. The south-east corner of the basement will house the plant room.


Commercial: 1.566 m2 (gross)
Flats (158): 16.896 m2 (gross)
Possible student flats: not decided
Total: 18.462 m2 (gross)
Two-level parking facility
(182 parking spaces):
7.000 m2