Bangs Have

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Utilising the site

The concept of Bangs Have is based on the very best use of the site in terms of the established objectives, with a total of 18,500 m2 (gross) of living space. The building plots will be divided into eight blocks (called Blocks 1 to 8), each with its own special character. On Herlev Hovedgade, these sections will vary in height from five to eight storeys; on Gåseholmvej from four to six storeys. The idea is to construct three more six-storey sections on Gåseholmsvej.

On Herlev Hovedgade, two west-facing tours will be built. On the corner of Hovedgade and Stumpedal, a tower will be integrated into the two lower units. In the area between these towers and units, there will be the option of further expansion. In the building on Herlev Ringvej there will also be the option of a two-storey extension (~1500 m2) with student flats.

New flats on Herlev Hovedgade

The location of the site is ideal for housing, providing good visibility whatever the position of the individual flat. From everywhere there are excellent views of Herlev Hovedgade and the surrounding area. Central Herlev is undergoing extensive development. A new shopping mall is being constructed on Herlev Hovedgade and there are several new residential complexes throughout the area.

The vision

One important criterion is for the overall appearance of the building to reflect its proximity to the main street. The overall residential block will be divided into smaller blocks, each with its own distinct identity: an image you encounter in many international cities. These small blocks will vary in height from four to eight storeys with slightly offset towers, countless protrusions to add dynamic to the façade and small squares. This will make for a vibrant housing stock around a communal green courtyard with maximum inflow of light. The priority will be to create high quality housing stock within the confines of the budget.

Herlev Hovedgade
Herlev Ringvej
DTU-Ishøj light rail stop

Green courtyard

The courtyard will provide people with space for recreation: either in the company of other residents/guests or alone, when they need a quiet moment in a green setting. This will create counterpoint to the vibrant street life on the other side of the walls.

Because of sloping ground, the courtyard area will be raised ~80 cm above the street level at Herlev Hovedgade and one storey above the street level at Gåseholmvej. This will create a private sphere in contrast to the surrounding road network. The ground-floor flats facing the courtyard will have private patios, surrounding by hedges to provide shelter. In the centre of the courtyard there will be a children’s playground with a varied, child-friendly surface. Adults will have a communal pavilion (~1% of the total courtyard area) with a common room, a large meeting room and a kitchen. The idea is for the pavilion to be a venue for joint events and, in general, to form a focal point for communal activities in the housing complex.

There will be access to the courtyard through a gateway on Herlev Hovedgade. There will also be step-free access to the courtyard from each staircase.

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Green roofs and terraces

Green roofs will not only ensure excellent rainwater harvesting, but also insulate the buildings and muffle noise from the street. Green patios and roof terraces will provide attractive outdoor milieus with views of both the courtyard and the city. The patios and roof terraces will also create a multi-faceted façade and provide residents with lovely, green outdoor oases.